Musky angling is an experience that you will undoubtedly remember for a while, as it is different from other types of freshwater fishing. Everything about this experience is unique, from the size of the fish to the power of the lures that are used for this purpose. Musky fishing requires special equipment beginning with the rod to the tackle.

In this regard, it is advisable not to be stingy with the equipment that you are buying, for the purpose of musky fishing. If you purchase anything less than the best equipment, it will lead to lost fish, destroyed equipment as a result of which you might end up paying more than what you had expected. Thus, it is better to spend a little more at the onset so that you do not have to spend the same amount again.

The rod that you buy for the purpose of musky fishing should ideally be either 7'6" or 8'. It should be enabled with either a medium heavy or a very heavy action rod. Musky rods are generally branded so it shouldn't be a problem selecting the right rod for this purpose. Remember that a medium-heavy rod for musky fishing is separate from an ordinary medium-heavy rod for normal fishing. Do remember that bass rods are used for ordinary fishing and if you want to pursue musky fishing, then bass rods are simply not the answer.

Bait casters are the ideal solution to your problems for a reel and this is generally used for the purpose of casting heavy lures. They are much simply constructed than their spinning partners. Other things that you should include in your kit for the purpose of musky fishing are a sturdy reel that also has a reliable drag as well as a loud clicker for the purpose of trolling. These are mainly round-shaped bait casters though certain manufacturers have advertised specific low-profile bait casters which are capable of delivering a good performance. It is better not to opt for a bait caster with a lot of plastic parts, as it might not be too sturdy.

In the recent past, braided lines have been a trend in the fishing arena and this is more so in the field of musky fishing. The line is quite sturdy, has no stretch and is thus a great option for tossing and for working the larger lures. A basic line rating of 65lbs is a must whereas; an 80-100lb is advised.

An important thing to be remembered pertaining to musky fishing is that you should always release the fish as soon as you can as this is important for proper release and the survival of the fish. If you engage in a lengthy war with the musky on a light line, you will most certainly kill the musky.

If you want to enjoy a successful period of musky fishing, you must get hold of the proper equipment. In order to ensure that your fishing experience is memorable, you must procure the correct equipment and you should not be economical in buying the equipment. This is how you should buy musky lures for the purpose of musky fishing.

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