Bluegill Fishing With Micro Spoons-Non Stop Bluegill Action Without Bait

Bluegill fisherman tend to be very set in there ways when it comes to having a blast catching these fish. One of the biggest problems is covering water where bigger bluegills are living. Most big gills sit right off a shallow flat, and this area could be way outside of your casting range if you stick with a bait and bobber. Have you ever caught a bluegill on a minnow or a small bass lure and thought, wow that is strange, and then continued to fish for bluegill with your worm instead of exploring using smaller lures for the bigger bluegills?

How about trying some of those bigger baits on bluegills instead of going back to the worms, grubs, and maggots. One of the most effective lures ever for huge bluegill is small spoons of about 1/8oz. These spoons can be fished by themselves and they can be used in a deadly spoon/plastic grub combination. Bluegill are always fascinated by flashing lures and they will follow them in a deep trance all the way to the shore. But if the lure is small enough, they will attack like a piranha. And the weight of a spoon allows you to get out way past any point you can cast live bait.

One of the most deadly methods ever for bluegill is using a small spoon and a trailing a plastic grub off the back of one of the bends in the treble hook. This set up allows you to cast out far and bring fish into the bait with flash and vibration. The bluegill will see the spoon and then quickly notice the grub and attack like a shark. As an interesting alternative to a plastic grub you could use a fly fishing nymph or dry fly that will get dragged below the surface and look like a real insect

This technique will have other fisherman's jaws hit the floor when they see you bring in fish after fish. You may not want to let them see you doing this in the first place. The bluegill spoon [] technique might really devastate the bluegill population if you do. Bluegill just can not stay away from this technique, and you can easily catch 50 or more fish if you stay out all day.

Next time you hit the water try the bluegill spoon technique, it will put all other bluegill fishing [] methods to shame. Rip some lip.

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