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The bluegill is a popular game fish with many fishermen. This particular fish is known by a variety of different names such as bream, sunfish or brim. They are found throughout the continental United States in various lakes, streams and ponds.

Individuals who are interested in various fish varieties or are avid fishermen should know various factors surrounding the bluegill and some of these will be highlighted in the paragraphs below.

Bluegills prefer to stay within calm pools within their residential bodies of water. This provides a sheltered area for them and protection from predators. As for their eating habits, the bluegill enjoys meals consisting of crustaceans and bugs but will readily bite on various bait and lures thrown out by fisherman. They tend to stay close to the shore, which makes them readily accessible to individuals fishing from land. As for their approximate size, bluegills generally grow to a maximum weight of about 5 lbs.

Bluegills have one main characteristic which makes identification easier on individuals who catch them or view them in the water and that is the blue gill flap which is how the name bluegill came about. When trying to separate the male bluegills from the female bluegills, one may find that looking at their underside will help with this type of gender identification. Male bluegills have more of an orange underside whereas that area on a female bluegill is mostly yellowish in color.

Some individuals may be curious as to the best ways in which to catch bluegills. It is best to fish from the shoreline as they tend to collect around the calmer and more sheltered water areas. As for what to put on the line, a fisherman that is looking to reel in a bluegill should choose worms, crickets, artificial flies and jigs. The best type of water body to go fishing for bluegills is a pond area as this is an area where fish of this type flourish.

Bluegills are a type of fish that are quite easy to catch and tend to be easily caught along shorelines of ponds, streams and smaller lakes. This is a great type of catch for young individuals as well since they do not have to do too much in order to get a bluegill on the end of their fishing line.

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