There has always been something about the wilderness that speaks to the inner soul. People seem to find comfort and peace by being out in nature. One of the most peaceful and relaxing activities that you can do in nature is to go fishing. To stand on the banks of a rushing river and hear the sound of the water as it flows steadily by can be almost a spiritual experience. Pair that with the excitement of actually catching something on your line and you have an instant memory that you will long to repeat over and over again throughout your lifetime.

When you start fishing a lot there is a natural need to expand your horizons and start looking for different kinds of fish to catch. One of the most popular types of game fishing out there is Bluegill fishing. These types of fish are fairly easy to catch and can be caught along the shores of many ponds and streams throughout the world. This is also a good fish to try out when you first get into the sport because they are usually fairly easy to catch.

Bluegills were given their name because of their bright blue gill flap which can be fairly easy to recognize in the water. They can get as large as 5 lbs. and you can tell the difference between the males and females because the males will have an orange under belly while the females have more of a yellow belly. All these things can be beneficial to remember the next time you decide to go out Bluegill fishing.

Another important note to make is that Bluegill fishing helps to prepare you catching larger game fish when you are ready. Many of the same concepts you will learn while fishing for bluegills will apply when you are fishing for larger fish. Knowing when the set the hook, paying attention to the bobber, using good baiting techniques and practicing good catch and release techniques can all be learned while fishing for Bluegills.

Bluegills are an excellent species to fish for if you still consider yourself a novice fisherman. They act as the perfect entry level species to target if you are new to the sport of fishing. If you are taking a friend fishing for the first time, Bluegills act as a sure bet to make a new fishing buddy for life.

Adam Fisher writes about bluegill fishing and about fishing for beginners.

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