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I had a BIG thrill this morning! I was out the door at 6:30am or so and I thought for sure I was going to nail a huge topwater hog at some of my favorite bass spots near my house. Well, needless to say after a bunch of lures and casts I decided to tie on the Bomber Baby Bass once again. The Bomber Baby Bass usually works best during and just before the spawn but I was in need of a fix.

When the fish hit I was in shock. It had to be the biggest Illinois bass that I have ever seen! It zigged then zagged and zigged again. When the fish reluctantly got close to the shoreline I immediately saw that it was a carp. Hooked in the mouth and what a big carp mouth it was. I shot a vid and promptly released it. Sorry Carpkiller.

Wacky "Carp" Bass