A Northern pike fishing tackle box can, and should, include a wide variety of lures and other devices. In terms of lure types, the sky is the limit because pike will eat pretty much any kind of fish they think they can catch, and are attracted to many different lures.

If you want to troll for Northerns, spoons work well for this method. Many anglers have good luck trolling near weedbeds. If you decide to do this, make sure you have some weedless spoons so you do not get tangled in the weeds. Spoons work well for pike fishing because as they are moving in the water, they mimic baitfish scales. A hungry Northern will see this and go for the strike. Eppinger spoons are made in a variety of brightly colored patterns that are popular with many fishermen. Like spoons, crankbaits and spinners rely on movement to attract fish. Jigs are an effective Northern pike lure during cold-weather months. Fish are not as active during those times and will only try for easy meals. Since jigs are used slowly in the water, they will be seen as a simple catch for a lethargic pike. Just make sure they do not weigh too much because you do not want them to sink too quickly. Buzzbaits and other types of surface lures work best when used in the summertime, when Northerns are active and will be more likely to swim up near the surface to catch a meal.

Other than the types of lures listed above, a pike fishing tackle box should most definitely include leaders. Leaders are attached to a rig between the line and the hook. They are used for saltwater fishing and also when fishing in freshwater environments for fish like pike that have sharp teeth that can easily cut through and destroy monofilament line. Leaders are made of metal and can withstand the teeth of a ferocious pike. For Northern fishing, make sure your leader is at least six inches long.

Needle-nosed pliers are a helpful tool to have in your tackle box because they will assist you in retrieving hooks after you have caught a fish. A net will help you corral a feisty fish as it's being reeled in. These items are not absolutely necessary, but most fishermen will tell you they are essential to having a pleasurable Northern pike fishing experience.

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