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Beautiful spring day, peaceful protected bay and perfect spot for fishing could be a perfect holiday. And if you want to go on Northern Pike fishing, you need to know some facts before you begin. You can find Pike all around globe in fresh water habitats of northern as well as arctic regions. You can find them in lakes/ rivers of northern U.S. in North America & throughout Canada. They are often called northern pike in US. They are big, predatory fish that stand at top of ecological food-chain. They can feed on anything that is swimming or anything thrown towards them particularly in spring. Their appetite is insatiable and thus they grow as large fishes. You can easily find pike weighing 10 pounds or even more in big lakes/ rivers. It can be great addition to your trophy wall/ dinner platter/ photo collection without any doubt.

You can find pike in shallow areas in spring & fall and in a little deeper & cooler water in summers. They predominantly love calm and highly-vegetated areas with abundant food-supply and good place for spawning. Northern pike fishing might seem easy as some fishermen unintentionally roll them but the fact is that it requires good technique. Top three techniques that virtually guarantee a hit include:

Fly Fishing: It requires more practice as well as skill as compared to live bait & spoon fishing but if you invest some time in learning it, it would certainly pay back in really big catches. Traditionally, it is done from edge of water or by standing in water but you can do it from boat also. It uses entire outfit involving specialized equipment (rod/ reel/ fishing line/ lure). Unlike traditional fishing that relies on success of lure/ bait for attracting a bite, this technique relies on your casting method. You can cast a bright coloured fly & lightweight lure to float on top of water, raise & lower fly on & off continuously. Use forward-floating, heavy weight line, rod and large fly. Stay far from target area so that you don't spook fish with your existence. Pike usually strike flies at last moment so don't get surprised when you see fish break water surface following your lure. It is perfect technique as

- shallow-water fishing is possible

- Flies are light and do not spook pike

- quick motion/ bright colours stimulate aggression of pike

Spoon Fishing: It is extremely effective Northern pike fishing technique. Spoon lure is a flat & curved metal with a hook that wobbles in water when pulled. It simulates movement of prey and is irresistible to fish. It is available in variety of colours as well as sizes. Cast spoon beyond target area and wait until ripples dissipate before you begin reeling the spoon.

Live Bait: It is another great way to snag pike and comes in variety of shapes/sizes. Small bait (minnows) works fine for small pike but for larger northern pike fishing, you need to increase size of bait fish (perch) and remember that best live bait is dead.

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