Northern Pike are often thought of as mysterious creatures and, as a species of fish like trout and carp, they have become less abundant, however they are gaining popularity among anglers and fishermen. In May, when fish begin to spawn the Northern Pike move into shallow waters and because this is the time they weigh the most they are easier to find and catch. Experts advise that if a large female pike, which can weigh 22 pounds or more, is caught during this time it should be released because between 2.2 and 4.4 pounds of that female pike is the weight of her eggs and those eggs are needed to preserve a sustainable level of pike stock.

After spawning the pike go to deeper water and this can be a fun time to fish because they have lots of energy and having lost a large amount of body mass during spawning the pike are exceptionally hungry. During this time Northern Pike can be caught by throwing wobblers, angling, fly fishing or trolling. Jerk bait, which makes it possible to fish for pike at any water depth, has been known to be very effective for catching these fish and it can also lead to stunning fights and hard assaults as the fish physically attack with deadly force and gigantic waves.

During the months of June and July Northern Pike favor the deeper water, between 10 and 30 ft. and at that depth they become more difficult to find. Pike bait fishing and trolling are probably the most successful ways to catch the fish during this time because these methods more easily enter the water depth necessary to catch the fish. Cannon downriggers are among the most successful tools to use when trolling.

As the water gets colder in September and October the Northern Pike come again into the shallow water, 8 - 16 ft, which allows those fishing for the pike to use all the most accepted and recognized fishing methods. Spring and autumn are thought to be the best fishing seasons for catching large pike because the water is generally colder which cause the pike to be a little slower.

Although fishing conditions continually change it is still helpful to know the migratory patterns of the fish, the best fishing gear and the laws related to fishing. Tools that are very useful to have after successfully catching pike are fishing pliers and a digital fishing scale. It is also beneficial for beginners in Northern Pike fishing to have read books about Northern Pike, which can be the primary guide to pike fishing. There are also other informational resources available including fishing videos, forums, DVDs, and online articles at EzineArticles, Articlesbase, and Onlinearticlesource.

It is also said that the messy, smelling, slimy nature of Northern Pike requires a higher standard for self respecting fishermen and anglers.

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